A Message From Our Founder

Hi, I'm Sandra

As a wedding planner, busy mom and multi-business owner, I balance and plan A LOT. 

Whether it’s a fancy wedding for a client or a movie night at home with my fam, I love going the extra mile to create a memorable experience that’s a little extra luxurious, indulgent and enjoyable. Because why not add more pieces of pretty to every day?! 

The POP Box is all about pampering YOU. As a busy woman or mom, I bet it has been some time since anyone has planned something for you - I can bet you are the magic maker for everyone in your life! 

Well, The POP Box is going to make that magic for YOU. Let us surprise and delight you with an experience that can be done on your own or with a group of your girls. 

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It’s gonna be GOOOOOD!